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Termite removal in adelaide hills


Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. If you live in Adelaide, don’t let termites eat you out of house and home. Call Terminix Pest & Weed Control Pty Ltd for effective and experienced treatment. We’ll make your home termite-free again.


When it comes to termite infestations, you can’t afford to risk hiring inexperienced pest control contractors. These pests are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Known as the silent destroyers, termite colonies wage war on your home’s framework. One colony of termites could contain several thousand to a few million termites.

Fortunately, we have decades of experience dealing with termites. In fact, Terminix Pest & Weed Control Pty Ltd is the oldest pest control business in the Murray Bridge area.  Our pest control technicians have 10 to 40 years of experience in the industry. In addition, every one of them is licensed under SA Health and has current DCSI and police clearances.

Treatments tailored to your needs

We offer a range of pest control services to suit your individual needs. Our offering includes:

Whether you want to avoid buying a home with a termite infestation or need to rid your current home of this pest, we can help. We offer pest control solutions that are safe for your family and pets, including liquid chemical treatments and termite baiting and monitoring systems.


​For your peace of mind, we offer a life-of the-chemical warranty on all chemical treatments (up to 10 years). We also offer a 10-year service warranty on liquid chemical barriers and a $1 million warranty on Kordon TMB, which is a termite and moisture barrier.

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Don’t take chances with your home; stop termites in their tracks with our professional services. Call us today on 08 8532 1493 for termite control in Adelaide.